Type of Care

Senior Housing

Home Care      Goal: Improve & Maintain Social Wellbeing

Non-medical caregivers providing assistance with activities of daily living including grooming, shower/bathing, toileting, eating assistance, meal prep, shopping, medication reminders and many more.


Home Health       Goal: Treatment & Rehab from Illness or Injury

  • Requires physician order to start for skilled care

    • Therapy: Occupational, Physical, Speech; Nursing, Social Work

  • Time-Frame and Goal specific

  • Patient must be home-bound 

  • Primarily paid through insurance.

Hospice Care         Goal: Quality of Life & Comfort (Not Curative)

  • Considers end-of-life care

  • Requires physician order/referral to hospice

    • Life expectancy of fewer than 6 months

    • Advanced stages of a disease (or)

    • Someone with frequent hospitalization or infection.

  • Goal is o provide comfort & symptoms relief (control pain, shortness of breath, etc)  

  • Not necessarily "a place" as hospice care can be provided at home, assisted living or skilled nursing facility with and in collaboration with the hospice team (nurse, MD, social worker, chaplain, care aide, volunteers and more)

  • Paid by Medicare ​​

    • Kaiser patients may use non-Kaiser hospice or any hospice of your choice


Palliative Care          Goal: Quality of Life & Comfort

Many agencies use this term interchangeably with hospice care but other agencies (Kaiser, V.A and Sutter) use this type of care for those who are at advanced stages of a disease but has more than 6 months of life expectancy. 


Comfort Care          Goal: Quality of Life & Comfort

Offers to a patient when curative measures are no longer working; Comfort care is used in Palliative & Hospice Care to allow the patient to be comfortable from symptoms. 


Respite Care          Goal: Provide Support to Family & To Provide Relief from Caregiving

  • Temporary relief to primary caregivers from the continuing demands of caring for a loved one

  • Planned or Emergency; In-Home or at Facilities; A few hours or a couple of weeks 






Assisted Living

Licensed by the Department of Social Services; Social Model; Called "assisted living" because staff "assist" you with care.


  • can assist with activities of daily living needs


  • can assist with medication reminders

    • only can be administered by nurses


  • Highly restricted on the type of care acceptable and definitely no skilled care (tube feeding, complex wound care, Intravenous I.V, restraints including seat belts, hospital bed rails and more)


  • Other places under this model:

Memory Care 

  • Can be a stand-alone community; or a wing or unit within larger assisted living

  • Maybe secured unit/facility (with delayed egress devices)

  • CANNOT be locked unit -- as locked units are for psych units only


Board & Care ("Care Homes")

Smaller 6-12 clients in a residential home

Staff are allowed to sleep at night (and no staff may be available to render care)


Assisted Living

Can be a stand-alone community or a part of larger multi-care level senior housing community 


Residential Care Facility for the Elderly

State of California recognizes and licenses the elderly assisted living communities under "Residential Care Facility for the Elderly"


  • Payment Accepted:

    • Monthly to month agreement

    • Private-Pay (traditionally)

      • BUT there may be other options available.

    • Contact us for additional info.

Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) 

Regulated by the Department of Health; Clinical & Health Care Setting

  • availability of clinical staff including nurses, therapists and more


  • can perform skilled care including complex wound care, tube feedings, I.V and more

  • Other places under this model:

    • Rehab

    • Sub-Acute Care

  • Payment Accepted: Insurance or Private-Pay

    • Contact us for additional info

Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC)

Multi-Level Care Setting and may include 2 or more of the following: Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care and Skilled Nursing in one location

Payment Accepted:

  • Require substantial entrance/buy-in fee ($100,000 to $1 million+)

  • Monthly Rent