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Celebrating World Health Day: Universal Health Care

April 7, 2018

Every year on 7th of April, World Health Organization sponsored "World Health Day." It is to raise global health awareness and this year's theme is: Universal Health Care.


"Each country is unique and each country may focus on different areas, or develop their own ways of measuring progress towards UHC. All countries can do more to improve health outcomes and tackle poverty, by increasing coverage of health services, and by reducing the impoverishment associated with payment for health services." (WHO)



What is Universal Health Care? 

- Every person receive health services they need without suffering financial hardship.

- Ensure quality healthcare services to improve overall health.

- Protect people from financial consequences of paying for health services and reduce the risk of being pushed into poverty due to unexpected illness. 

- NOT a free coverage or provide services free of charge as it will not be sustainable. 

- NOT only about ensuring minimum package of health services; but expanding services as more resources are available.

- NOT about individual treatment services but raising awareness on public health and population-bases services.

- It is much more than health care, but taking steps towards equity, development, priorities and social inclusion and cohesion. 


SPECTRUM Seniors will partner up with local communities in SF Bay Area in providing services towards the goal of early detection and prevention as our contribution towards Universal Health Care.


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