Be There with Spectrum Seniors' Family Room

Online Care Portal

Spectrum Seniors Gives You the Option to Monitor Your Loved One's Care Online

We understand how stressful it can be to have a loved one that needs help living independently. At Spectrum Seniors, we want to alleviate some of those stresses by giving you real-time transparency to the care process by helping to ease some of the logistical burdens with our online Family Room portal.

Family Room: A Secure family access portal to keep everyone in the know

  • The Family Room users can review completed care logs as well as current shifts in real time, including task updates and voice commentary by the caregiver. 

  • Keep all parties informed about the scheduled care provided by our agency in a monthly or weekly view.

  • Give family members the ability to monitor prescriptions and dosage to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

  • Anyone with the client's permission can access the secure Family Room online. Keep doctors, social workers, family members, and anyone else on the care team informed. 

With the Family Room (available to you at no extra cost), you will be able to access records of care online from any device with internet access. 


Additionally, you and other family members can use a shared calendar to coordinate between yourselves and track visits scheduled by your caregivers


Additionally, you can choose to have invoices sent to you by email. Invoices will be sent in PDF form and can easily be saved to your computer for record-keeping purposes. As mentioned above, these services come at no extra cost to you. They are a part of our mission to provide the best possible care to your loved one and to empower you with the ability to care for them as well.