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"The Earth is Dying" and "Wear Gas Mask"

For the last few days, my 1st grader has been having a hissy fit. One instance, he was upset that he wasn't allowed to pick up an empty beer can on the street (so that he can recycle it). This morning, he asked if we can walk to school. Mind you, the school is 15 minutes drive from our house. He then asked to bike to school. He almost cried when we said we couldn't do it because of the distance. He said "the Earth is dying and we needed to do our part." My daughter (the 3rd grader) then chimed in and said, "It'll just be a couple of years before we need to wear gas mask unless we do something about it." Just as they were taught, the kids are doing their individual parts to remediate the decades of wrongdoing of human kinds.

In 1940s, the disposable food packaging (plastic and polystyrene) were developed and manufactured. During this time, convenient factors, sanitation and economical were utmost important. Furthermore, the disposable items reduce food contamination and spread of diseases. Unfortunately, these materials are not biodegradable. Now fast forward 70 years, the world is full of plastics which end up in the ocean, many natural wonders are destroyed and animals are dying (more species are getting on extinct list).

Here are small things you can do to help by committing to:

- Stop utilizing one-time-use anything. If it's convenient, most likely it won't do well for environment. Plastic straws, papers, plates, and bags.

- Compost what you can. This includes food soiled plates and paper napkins, yard trimming, food scraps.

- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

  • Donate your clothes and shoes even if they're heavily soiled.

  • Repurpose tires (as planters, seats, etc) and many more.

  • Use reusable water bottles.

- Walk, bike or use carpool.

Our goal is to leave less carbon footprint. Tell us what you are doing to stop our beloved Earth from withering away...

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